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Research and Development

The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to IIT Jodhpur therefore its Laboratory and Research centers aims to transform its students from academic level to scientific level and to develop innovative solutions to the worlds most technological challenges. Several independent labs and research centers engage experience faculties and students to discover scientific requirements of tomorrow as well as to improve existing technology. To accomplish its academic and research goal, IIT Jodhpur endeavors to enhance its academic and research efforts through creative collaborations with many prominent institutes around the world. We encourage and appreciate to an individual or any industrial organization that comply and support our laboratory and research centers.

Research News
Molecular mechanism of Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) in the balance of protien aggregation and degradation
DRM-DRM+ Transmitter
Remote Monitoring and Control with Smart Phones
ASHA - Technology for improving survival and Development of Women and Children
Investigating the cellular signaling of Ubiquitin Ligases Implicated in Cell Cycle regulation and Cancer pathways
Autonomous Robotic Wheel Chair: Rehabilitation of Disabled
Research & Development Coordinator
Ravindra Brammajyosula

Office Location: 1101 B, First Floor, Academic Block - I
Phone: 2449041

Research and Development Office
Phone No.: 0291 - 2449 002