Centre for System Science

The Centre for System Science IIT Jodhpur from its very inception in 2011 has aimed to promote and implement interdisciplinary education and research by adopting a holistic systems thinking approach. The Centre upholds its vision of transforming students into young trained graduates who are imbibed with the spirit of systems thinking in diverse domains of engineered systems, natural systems, and financial systems. At present, there are 18 energetic and dedicated faculty members in the Centre. The areas of research of the Centre include quantitative finance, quantum information, complex networks and systems, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, chemical reaction dynamics, graph algorithms, and image processing. The Centre has been actively engaged in organizing conferences, workshops both at the national and international level.

The Centre had started Ph.D. and B.Tech. program in 2011, and subsequently commenced M.Tech. program in 2012. The programs aim at creating systems thinkers, who can develop, construct, model, operate, redesign, verify and integrate various systems. The Centre collaborates with other Centres at IIT Jodhpur in research and courses at B. Tech. and M. Tech. level in various semesters of programs hosted by those Centres.